Wednesday, April 17, 2019

74th Annual Summer Show

Here is the Schedule for this year's show - good luck with your entries.

Advice about what judges may look out for in each section was handed out at the Spring Show. I will put a copy of that on here shortly, so do look back.

Click here to view a copy of the printed schedule

Summer Show Schedule front cover
Summer Show Schedule front cover

Summer Show Schedule Entry Form
Summer Show Schedule Entry Form

Friday, March 1, 2019

Remember last month - Potato Day had to be postponed because of snow?

February Potato Day postponed due to snow
February Potato Day postponed due to snow

Well, now it's almost here - our rescheduled day with Pennard Plants

Drimpton Potato Day
Drimpton Potato Day

Saturday, 16th March  2019

Drimpton Potato Day
Drimpton Village Hall

Brunches, lunches, cakes and Children's activities.

Not just potatoes bu a range of seeds plants and later season things for us to grow and of course the Potato Competition.

This event was re-arranged from 2nd February due to weather conditions.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Show 2017

We had a very successful Show  this year with about  630  entries.  Congratulations  to all  our winners  but also to everybody  who took part.

The Hall looked amazing and it was  good to see friends, relatives and neighbours all enjoying themselves  together.

A great community day out .

Below are a few photos

Thursday, August 18, 2016



lass 1: One Rose with Best Scent Dermot Stack 159
Class 2: Three Roses Single Blooms Barbara Wright 107
Class 3: One Floribunda Rose Spray Rosanna Reeves 101
Class 4: One Vase Gladioli. 2 spikes Michael Vickery 171
Class 5: One Vase Mixed Flowers Michael Vickery 171
Class 6: One Vase Sweet Peas Vic Chubb 32
Class 7: Clematis - 3 blooms Barbara Wright 107
Class 8: One Vase of Annuals. Mixed var Brian Hesketh 113
Class 9: Five Sprigs of  Lavender Emily Franklin 99
Class 10: Four Stems French Marigolds Valerie Lawrence 146
Class 11: 3 Dahlias. Same variety Valerie Lawrence 146
Class 12: 5 Dahlias. Any variety Vic Chubb 32
Class 13: One Head of Hydrangea Frances Franklin 100
Class 14: Vase of Pansies, or Violas Barbara Wright 107
Class 15: 2 Var. Flowering Shrubs Angela Rose 170
Class 16: Best Cut Flower or Spike Michael Vickery 171
Class 17: 4 Different Varieties Perennials Sue Kavanagh 167
Class 18: 3 flowers - bulb, corm or rhizome Barbara Wright 107
Class 19: Succulent or Cactus Barbara Wright 107
Class 20: One Flowering Plant Roger Smith 173
Class 21: Four Potatoes (coloured) Dawn Scutt 157
Class 22: Four Potatoes (white) Brian Hesketh 113
Class 23: Dish of 4 Tomatoes (Std) Michael Vickery 171
Class 24: Dish of 10 Tomatoes (miniature) Mary Wilson 112
Class 25: Three Large Onions Tony Jones 119
Class 26: Three medium Onions Vic Chubb 32
Class 27: Pair of Courgettes Chris Whitfield 125
Class 28: 6 Shallots. Large single Mick Wilson 111
Class 29: 6 Shallots Picklers Brian Hesketh 113
Class 30: Five Broad Beans Michael Vickery 171
Class 31: Five Pods French Beans Brian Hesketh 113
Class 32: Five Pods Runner Beans John Hansford 133
Class 33: Five Pods Peas Vic Chubb 32
Class 34: One Lettuce to include Roots John Hansford 133
Class 35: Three Beetroot Tony Jones 119
Class 36: Three Carrots Michael Vickery 171
Class 37: Three sticks of Rhubarb Brian Hesketh 113
Class 38: Single Specimen Vegetable Vic Chubb 32
Class 39: One Cucumber Mary Wilson 112
Class 40: Three stems of Parsley Valerie Lawrence 146
Class 41: 3 Kinds culinary Herbs Brian Hesketh 113
Class 42: Dish Soft Fruit or Mixed Soft Fruits Dawn Scutt 157
Class 43: Bag of Mixed Salad Leaves Michael Vickery 171
Class 44: Misshapen Vegetable Ann Harris 149
Class 45: Longest Runner Bean Michael Vickery 171
Class 46: Truss of tomatoes on vine Michael Vickery 171
Class 47: Cream of the Organic Crop Michael Vickery 171
Class 48: Miniature Arrangement (Pill Box) Barbara Wright 107
Class 49: Happy Birthday Ma'am Viv Watts 180
Class 50: Perennially Pretty Ann Jones 118
Class 51: What a Picture Barbara Wright 107
Class 52: Arrangement Dining Table Barbara Wright 107
Class 53: Pot of Lemon Curd Valerie Lawrence 146
Class 54: Pot of Jelly Dawn Scutt 157
Class 55: Pot of Raspberry Jam Christabel Pilz 129
Class 56: Pot of any other Jam Dawn Scutt 157
Class 57: Pot of Marmalade Christabel Pilz 129
Class 58: Pot of Chutney Rosemary Shepherd 162
Class 59: 6 Savoury Scones Christabel Pilz 129
Class 60: Victoria Sandwich Melody Newman 123
Class 61: A Fruit Tart Jackie Scutt 158
Class 62: Birthday Cake fit for Queen No Entries
Class 63: 5 Hand Made Bread Rolls Patricia Wallis 135
Class 64: Dorset Apple Cake Diana Leake 166
Class 65: Five Squares of Flapjacks Mary Wilson 112
Class 66: Millionaires Shortbread Rosemary Shepherd 162
Class 67: Six cheese Straws Frances Franklin 100
Class 68: Four Cup Cakes Jackie Scutt 158
Class 69: MEN ONLY A Quiche Alan Lawton 103
Class 70: Knitted or Crocheted Article Kate Hesketh 114
Class 71: Embroidery Exc. Kits No First Prize
2nd Prize Cristina Marshall 165
Class 72: A Textile Bag Carolyn Clay 132
Class 73: Patch, Quilt, Appliqué Julie Rowan-Robinson 128
Class 74: A Sewn Article Rosanna Reeves 101
Class 75: Picture of Pressed Flowers Linda Smith 174
Class 76: Hand crafted Exhibit Roger Franklin  
Class 77: Water colour/pen and wash Anne Cater 131
Class 78: Oil, acrylic, other medium Mary Stack 160
Class 79: Pastel, Pencil, Charcoal Anne Cater 131
Class 80: On The Beach Harold Jenkins 126
Class 81: A Visitor to the Garden Vivien Cherry 121
Class 82: Lines and Shadows Harold Jenkins 126
Class 83: A Single Flower Martin Rowan-Robinson 127
Class 84: It's a Celebration! Peter Cresswell 115
Class 85: Reflections Trevor Cherry 122
Class 86: The Sky at Night Brian Hesketh 113
Class 87: A Butterfly Sophia Hughes 9 57
Class 88: A Bookmark Jemima Leivers 9 153
Class 89: Birthday Card for Queen Tabitha Chapman 10 54
Class 90: A Doctor Who Poster Nicholi Slater 11 19
Class 91: A Portrait of the Queen Amos Jevons 11 75
Class 92: Paint a Pebble Floe Brown 7 151
Class 93: The Tallest Sunflower Result not on spreadsheet
Class 94: Four Cupcakes Matthew Medley 11 62
Class 95: A Night at the Theatre No First Prize
2nd Prize Rosemary Shepherd 162
Class 96: Top Team Gardeners Brian Hesketh 113

Class 96: Top Team Gardeners Kate Hesketh 114

Cup Winners

Congratulations to all our cup winners

For the competitor winning the largest amount of prize money in the Flower and Vegetable sections
Michael Vickery
For the most prize money in the Flower section
Barbara Wright
For the Best Flower Exhibit
Roger Smith
For the rose with the best scent
Dermot Stack
For the most prize money in the Vegetable section
Michael Vickery
For the best vegetable exhibit
Mary Wilson
For the best organic vegetable collection
Michael Vickery
For the best floral arrangement
Viv Watts
For the most prize money in the homecraft section
Ann Harris
For the best exhibit in the preserves section
Christabel Pilz
For the best exhibit in the baking section
Jackie Scutt
For the best exhibit in the handicraft section
Rosanna Reeves
For the best exhibit in the photographic section
Harold Jenkins
For the best exhibit in the art section
Mary Stack
For the most prize money, young people up to 9 years
Emily Harris
For the most prize money, young people under 15 years
Tabitha Chapman
For the heaviest young persons potato crop
Matthew Medley
For the heaviest Adult potato crop
Peter Cresswell

71st Annual Show    13th August  2016

Helped by sunshine and excellent teas  the Show  this year was again a great success.  There  were  more entries than ever-over 850 in total  and in excess of 150  from Children at  Broadwindsor  School.  The Hall looked fantastic  with  masses of beautiful  flowers and  the most amazing array  of vegetables.  Exhibitors  came  from around  the local area as the Show  has a first class  reputation .  The marquee was decorated  with children exhibits the  birthday  cards  for the Queen being a personal  favourite of mine.
Peter Cresswell  won the  competition  for the heaviest weight  of potatoes  in a Container  -- at around 10lbs  almost  twice the weight  of mine.  He tells me the secret is read to them      ( preferably Thomas Hardy)  at  3am  in the morning
This  year there was  an auction  of Produce which did raise  more  than  the Produce  Sale  in previous  years.  Next year  we intend to repeat this and we think with some  minor changes  we should be able to raise  even more money -- around £60  raised this year  for  the Vanessa  Project
This was Barbara Wrights  final  year as Show Secretary and much of the credit to the show this year must  go to Barbara. The role  involves so much more  than the title  suggests involving organisation, communication , innovation and leadership  and  Barbara  has fulfilled all  the facets of the job admirably.  Prior  to  being Show Secretary  Barbara  was Secretary and she has given 10 years  of excellent  service  to the Club.
Barbara Wright
A final thank you  to all members of the Society  and local community.  Without your support the Show  would not happen.  To the   exhibitors, the  Marquee  team,  cake bakers, tea servers, stewards, car  park attendants, village hall committee and so many other helpers  we extend  our thanks.

Cup Winners

Julie and Faye
Ernie the Auctioneer
Faye and Rosanna
Barbara and Ian Hallett

Thursday, September 17, 2015



Ian Hallett, Chairman of Clapton, Wayford, Drimpton & District Horticultural Society tries on "the chairman's hat" made by Floe Brown, age 6.  Over 400 people entered the Show and everyone thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon bathed in sunshine.  The standard of the entries was outstanding in every class.  The judges not only appreciated the spectacular exhibits, they also thoroughly appreciated an excellent lunch, as did everyone!
The Society this year supported The Vanessa Project, an initiative of South Somerset Mind and we were delighted that Doreen Smith, Business Development Manager, was able to come along and present the trophies to the winners.  

A first class show in every regard.